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The stars are wrapping up their shows and heading home for the holidays. But of course they are making sure to share every moment with us on INSTAGRAM!We love knowing what our favorite stars are up to, so it is great that share some of their...


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totally loved relationships and red carpets, amazed!!!!!

I was so confused when you said Relationships and Red Carpet, but I think my favorite is 'Last Dances & Last Chances/Partners & Parachutes' Relationship-wise and Comedy-wise 'Fanatics & Favors' and Music-wise 'Glee Clubs & Glory'.

ya all auslly shippers it like our own little world haha i am addicted to austin and ally too, my favorite episode is partners and parachutes and relashion ships and red carpet[dont worry it hasent aired yet] but i bet its gonna be my fav,my favorite song is i think about you.upside down and stuck on you i know all the lyrics of stuck on you i know it by heart

i ship auslly and raura so much its unhealthy i always fangirl over auslly and raura therer so cute together, i dont ship raia at all.can you exept my friend request?rosey17

I ship Auslly and Raura too, because Austin and Ally are absolutely adorable, and Raura, well, if Ross can't be with me, then I want him to be with Laura.

i ship Auslly and Raura , a lot they're so perfect for each other

I ship Auslly and Raura. Love them both,hope they get together!!

:) :)

i ship raura

My fav episode has changed, Partners & Parachutes and my new favorite song is I Think About You, on Partners & Parachutes because they're a couple without it being awkward like in Couples & Careers..

I love all the music and song I love Austin and ally

love austin

My favorite episode is Future Sounds and Festival Songs. My favorite song is I'm Finally Me.

My favorite episode is Tunes and Trials and my favorite song is Stuck On You off Critics and Confidence!

but more on TV OK I AM A FAN frozen 1234

Okay maybe I'm shy, but usually I speak my mind, but with you I'm tongue tied. Sweaty palms, I turn red, you think I have no confidence, but I do, just not with you. THE WAY AUSTIN (Ross Lynch) LOOKS AT ALLY WHEN HE'S SINGING THAT SONG! JUST GET TOGETHER!!!!!!!!! No, don't get together because if they get together the series will be over. Laura Marano can have Austin, I want Ross! I like Jessie but I LOVE Austin & Ally, keepcalmandlover5 I totally agree with you, they make my world a better world and I don't know how I survived without them! I would kill to see R5 live, I swear!

i am so addicted to austin and ally. when i watch it is like i am in a different world.

R5family member right here ya'll

I think its great that ross as austin,laura as ally,raini as trish and calum as dez I support all of them to have a good life and safe.:)

Ross lynch is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's awesome, XD

All AUSTIN whoo
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

i love all of the austin and alley show

Awwww OMG LOVE YA LAURA and I love Austin and Ally

they are the best

love love love it. it is sooooooo cute!!

I love austin and ally best show ever!!!

I love the spark between Austin and Ally

love this show

yess finally i started a ross lynch fan club on wizard101 were could the yellow club aka the austin moon club! :D we are all R5ers and love ross so much, its all girls. and are chars are all wearing only yellow because thats rossy favorite color! :D i am the youngest member of the yellow club (every one is 15-17 im 13) haha but im the most obsessed! :D