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The Radio Disney Music Awards are coming up this weekend, so what better way to celebrate than with a Fanlala 5ive on the artists we are most excited to see! We love music and anything Disney so this award show is going to be so much fun for...


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love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love your shows zendaya

i dnt beleieve u prove it

omg i luv your shows

ok than if you know her vorite color,food and designer company go and click on me and send me the information and i will belive u

i dont beilve u

Zendaya i luv u i am ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i luv Zendaya do u?

Rocky vs. Cece? Who's ur fave in SIU's power duo? (Mine is Rocky. She's smart like me!)

Oh and by the way, my sister's best friend is Zendaya. I even know her last name, favorite food, favorite color, and favorite designer company. Zendaya is SUPER nice, and she even gives me dancing lesson once a day every week for free! She does it for free because I'm her biggest fan!!!!! I am soo lucky, oh and I live a block away from her..... Also on the days I he her dancing class is on Friday's at 11:00 pm. It's so late because she has shake it up to do. On monday's my sister and Zendaya go to th ic skatin rink together and Zendaya brings me along!!! :-) if you don't believe me then lookup who Zendaya's best friend's name is because my sister's name is Destiny.

I take dance classes since I was 4, and now I'm 9, and you guys still beat me in dancing.

you really can dance

Zendaya i love how you dance i wish i could dance on shake it up do you know if there is a way i could cuz that would be so cool if i could but how do i sing up

I love you

Hi zendaya!You are beautiful!I love you so much and I have nova in my house so, the first episode from shake it up I saw was fantastic!After that I saw all the episodes in internet althought I didn"t understant nothing in your language since I am Greek!I dance very well but I did not participate in shake it up dance dance copatition since I want it so much!Anyway, I love you, you are the best!<3

heyyy how yhuu doin

zendaya .I love u

zendaya u are awesome i want ur adugraph

hi zendaya i love your music and dancing i wish i could dance like you!!!!!!!(i still know how to dance just not like her)<3

luv u zenday (rocky blue) huge fan ur so talented!! it would be a dream come true to meet u!! im so obsessed i keep having dream i met u or bella

so cooll
:" D

you are so awesome and you are cool love zendaya you are the best in the show

you are the best

I love Zendaya

zendaya waiting for frenemies!

love you zendaya

Someone speak spanish

Zendaya IS THE best in THE world

Zendaya, I know plenty of people writing to you. And I'm another fan. although I would love to some celebrity star wrote to me, I have never written. Also I have not seen any celebrities in America because I live in Poland. Write to me but hey. And it make me happy: D:)

Zendaya, I know that everyone I write to you. I know that for any fan you want to do well:) want to be happy. I'm your big fan like everyone else here. You do not need me to answer you do not have anything for me to do:). Chiała I just tell you that you're a great dancer is not enough that it is capable of this wise. I love you and you're my inspiration thanks to you I dance very well. I know you is not never meet a pity but I have to just be reconciled. Do not let anyone persuade crap about you're perfect.

Gabrysia fan of Polish 14 years