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K.C. Undercover has turned into our favorite part of our Sunday evenings.And with a new episode airing tonight at 8:30PM on Disney Channel, we cannot wait to hear what Zendaya has to say about it.The original series star and producer will be...


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I think have pretty good chance of winning the autpgraphed headphones by Zendaya

good dancer

No you don't!

Just became a fan eeeeep :O

i love your newest song contagious love love with you and bella thorne. i even watch shake it up!

I know how she got her name I know Zendaya more than any of you people!

u are the hotties one zendaya

I like zendaya

I wish I could do that o my gosh:):):):)!!!!!!! I love zendaya more than anyone

I love her hair

zendaya is my favorite character on shake it up and the other shows she starred in.

zendaya your awsomer than awsome <3

she can dance

zendaya u r my complete rolemodel!!!! i love u sooooo... much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my dream has always benn to meet you i love your style my phone's wallpaper is a picture of u i'm a great fan of yours

You are my star i´m your big fan!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ZENDAYA

I think her and Princeton makes a good couple

Same hea! She is so fashionable!

I love your song "Swag it out ". My friends are always at my house and after school on my iPhone or my kindle fire hd listening to your awesome songs! I'M UR #1 FAN!

Hey Zendaya i'm ur #1 fan

Hey people u may say that u love zendaya but i'm here #1 fan so just stop

i love you zendaya your style your look i want to be just as amazing as you !!!

I want to be on shake it up cause I'm watching it right now and I like it

How did u get so good at acting??? Because my dream is to become a Disney actor and i need to know! What do u do when u are taking 5?

i think you are nice.

She's so beautiful! I love her role in ''Shake it up''! <3

No you dont i know her more thats fam to me

I just became a fan of my play sister daya

i just love her style

i dont think i would call me 3 i nober one fan but i do like yo sytle of dressing its fablioushouse