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We love when our favorite stars' siblings hit the scene and become just as famous as their brother or sister. But sometimes a famous family duo (or sometimes trio) have another sibling hiding behind the curtains.No matter how many times the...


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i like her song i am a big fan

And she is so cute

Willow Smith is one of my hundred role models she is pretty

omg i just became a fan n now i'm going to faint

I am a big fan girl how ya doing

you are awesome and a good parson

I love you willow!>3

I LUV WILLOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like so love her

Well I think that u should vote for Icarly for the theme song vs. Zoey 101 you with me

i know its better with her hair long

I like it short she can totally pull it off, but she can only whip it if she has long hair!! Haha

Like the hair.

what do u guys think of willows new hair cut
short or long?

i love u willow

i luv willow as if she was my lil sis.N/H. but yea i like whip my hair n 21 century girl 2. willow smith is dummy skinny do n she was cute wen she was a lil girl n she be rockin dem weevezzz.....unlike other people

i luv u williow

o om omm ommgg u cut if ur hair

like your hair styles

I luv whipping my HAIR

i luv whip my hair

girl willow you was cute as a bby


willow is awesome

i am willows #1 fan

i am willows #1 fan:)

i lu v her song whip my hair

she is so cool for a girl of her age but i still luv her

hi willow ur the best singer ever in my world and i love to whip my hair back and forth

hi willow ur the best singer ever in my world and i love to whip my hair back and forth