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Ryan Beatty and Jimmy Bennett are performing at The Roxy for Uneeqability’s second live show!Uneeqability was created to promote underground artists.  It also inspires people to go after their dreams!The website, which has been up for a year, (...


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I am not a really big fan but i like him he is nice, funny and cute :D

hi im new here. sterling knights no.1 fan and heard you could see videos of him here so i joined

Hi Sterling, I'm from Poland and I like u ;). Movie 'Starstruck' is my favorite film.:D By You, i want live in Los Angeles, but actually I won't live there.:( maybe I'll move there in future.:3

hey if you ever get this not go go all fan girl,but i thiknc your cute funny i wood love to meet you in real life you semm like a down to earth person and some that wood be fun to hang with. i realy wsih i coudl meet you in person

i live in england... come to england sterling!:D<3

omg omg omg i love sterling knight he is just like so hot hes amazing love his eyes wish sonny with chance was still on i liked him as chad

Só se vê bem com o coração, o essencial é invisível aos olhos. Principalmente com o teu olhar... <3

sterling knight love your deep blue shaded eye
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

sterling knight is scared of clowns !!!!
i feel for u man
habzi xxxxxxx <3

Write something...

i love the way u smile xxxxxxxx <3

im in love with sterling knight and am his number 1 fan
if only i would see u in person .xxxxxxxxxxxxxx peace out suckers

sterling knight u your very fit xoxoxoxox

starstruck is the best song eva

sterling u r fit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sterling you are so cute and hot

sterling knight is sooo cute my bff lexi and i love him!!!!!!! hes a great singer and actor!!!!!!!

Sterling Knight is so cool and hot

i want to join the club but i dont know how

I love Sterling!!!!!!!!

Your awesome man!

sterling knight is MINE i love him so much and have always been a fan sorry girls !

look i am sterling knights number 1 fan and i am gonna marry him so back off from him cause i am his offical nimber 1 fan so back off girls im his baby ha love mrssterlingknight ha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx peace out suckers

sterling knight is so cool!!!

no one is his # 1 fan execpt me i will marry him

I love Sterling,you are the best actor of our generation!

I'm really in love with Sterling ♥

bolly he is realy cute no doubt

Agreed :) <3

I actually love you Sterling. Forget what these other people say about loving you the most because I do. Seriously I am not joking. I love all the movies and TV programmes you have been in and especially Sonny with A Chance. Your are super fit and I love all the songs you have sung on Startstrruck etc. xx <3