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This week's Fanlala 5IVE has us sitting in front of the TV, because our favorite shows returned with some incredible premieres recently. With amazing shows hitting the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and FOX, a few returned with a new season while...


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skai is so awesome she inspired me to become an actor now acting is my passion and thats all i can think about

i like ur show u are so cute that i wish i had the same hair do

I know you is 1 year away from me I pm 12

Hi skai my name is mia.I love Jessie u guys are amazing ,but will you have kik this year .

Skai will you have kik back this year

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovre skai

it's ending soooo soon OMG i remember en it just started #sadments

what is your phone number

hi my name is mayomide
there is this girl in my class she said she is going to meet you in summer her name is ameerah is it true

i am in love with her

tots adorbs

Soooooooooo adorable :)

she is so adorble!
i wish she was my sister!
ska will you b my sister?

Omg skai Jackson is my fave star ahhh

She's awesome she is better than all of the star

Wow she is just 1year away from me

2 cute

No lie but you are the cutest girl child I have ever seen

☻ ♥ cuitie ♥ ☻

she really funny

ZURI! Oh you are so adorable!

you can add mic3ky as your fan

I find you are cute and adorb

You are so cute and funny!!

She's tots adorbs anyone would b lucky to have the same b-day as her

She's tots adorable,I can't believe we share the same birthday

I see you're a big fan of skai, I think she's an awesome and cute actress. She's the reason why I watch Disney channel. Keep up the good work.

She is just soooooo adorable!


i love her were the same age to we could be bffs