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Snoopy and the Peanuts gang have been around for quite some time at this point. They’ve been charming readers for decades, and recently, they celebrated a milestone with a bunch of their close friends.This week, the Peanuts gang, Snoopy, and a...


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Soooooooooo adorable :)

she is so adorble!
i wish she was my sister!
ska will you b my sister?

Omg skai Jackson is my fave star ahhh

She's awesome she is better than all of the star

Wow she is just 1year away from me

2 cute

No lie but you are the cutest girl child I have ever seen

☻ ♥ cuitie ♥ ☻

she really funny

ZURI! Oh you are so adorable!

you can add mic3ky as your fan

I find you are cute and adorb

You are so cute and funny!!

She's tots adorbs anyone would b lucky to have the same b-day as her

She's tots adorable,I can't believe we share the same birthday

I see you're a big fan of skai, I think she's an awesome and cute actress. She's the reason why I watch Disney channel. Keep up the good work.

She is just soooooo adorable!


i love her were the same age to we could be bffs

Hi skai jackson, evan though i am older than you i am still a huge fan of you:) it would be a dream come true if you answer backed to me:)

no! in real life she is in forth grade born in 2004

She is not your sister duh

Yeah right s by e is your sister

What do you think?

I love skai Jackson she is amazing she is my favourite on Jessie

I can't believe that we are the same age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny thing is she is going into sixth grade in real life she was born in 2002

she good I love you

I know rught