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We always knew Selena Gomez had a heart of gold. And today she continued to prove it. This afternoon, Selena visited the Heart of Los Angeles, also known as HOLA, to spend some time with the kids involved in the organization.HOLA is an...


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I now right

I love selenas music! Its very inspiring

yay team selnator

sweet selena

i love u i love u i love u i love u i just cant stop saying i love u omg

selena is awasome

I love u Selena your really pretty and u have an amazing voice

When was her birth?

When she was little did she go to justice?


luv u selena oot oot chum!!

luv you selena oot oot chum

luv u selena soooooo much

I absolutley love her!!!!!!!!!

luv u selena....

hi....i m new here...:)

she's super

You are AWSOME

selena ROCKS!!

I Love Selena Gomez! She is my role model! She does a great job of acting as Alex in Wizards Of Waverly Place!

well, Nadymos u can friend me and i will love to except it! Friend willowtalys!

hey im new to

hey i just joined fanlala yesterday so I'm glad to be in a club now i just need some friends

me too :)

Hi I'm new also

hi.. i m new here

i love you so mutch
im so proud of your my favorite artisth and you'l always
and keep the great work .
and shouw the world that you love justin .
you now you love him and i knouw. if your skird thasint mather shouw the world hou you are.
justin is a lucky guy and jour a lucky girl :p
he loves you and you love him .
evrewhon 's wish is to be with justin .
you have it .
so dhont just trouw dat away .but shouw the world hou you are
. your so luck eprishietit.
i love so muth and justin .
you guys are a nice kopels .
and ai'm proud.:p

hi selena am lyk yo biggest fan ...................ROC ON

yeah she is

u nd ur songs are cute.