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Selena Gomez is quickly approaching her 22nd birthday (it’s tomorrow!) and has been busy celebrating in the south of France! Joined by her and Taylor Swift’s new BFF, model Cara Delevingne, Selena spent the day going on exciting adventures and...


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i luv Selena Gomez. she is so inspiring to me , i wish i could meet her one day since my b-day is coming next month.

i love selena gomez she rocks!

im srry but selena could really do better justin bever and i ment bever him and her was on the news got cot so saadd m em em mmm

i love selena! she is an amazing singer!

She hAs my attention and reminds make of a good person

Selena Gomez is the bast actress on disney

Selena Gomez is a amazing actor and singer..... favorite song love u like a love song

i love selena gomez

I now right

I love selenas music! Its very inspiring

yay team selnator

sweet selena

i love u i love u i love u i love u i just cant stop saying i love u omg

selena is awasome

I love u Selena your really pretty and u have an amazing voice

When was her birth?

When she was little did she go to justice?


luv u selena oot oot chum!!

luv you selena oot oot chum

luv u selena soooooo much

I absolutley love her!!!!!!!!!

luv u selena....

hi....i m new here...:)

she's super

You are AWSOME

selena ROCKS!!

I Love Selena Gomez! She is my role model! She does a great job of acting as Alex in Wizards Of Waverly Place!

well, Nadymos u can friend me and i will love to except it! Friend willowtalys!

hey im new to