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Who runs the dance floor? GIRLS! That is right ladies, we have created a playlist just for you and your friends!You need the perfect songs to play during a girls night, whether it is a slumber party to see who can stay up the latest or while...


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i love you Selena Gomez <3 <3

i luv Selena Gomez. she is so inspiring to me , i wish i could meet her one day since my b-day is coming next month.

i love selena gomez she rocks!

im srry but selena could really do better justin bever and i ment bever him and her was on the news got cot so saadd m em em mmm

i love selena! she is an amazing singer!

She hAs my attention and reminds make of a good person

Selena Gomez is the bast actress on disney

Selena Gomez is a amazing actor and singer..... favorite song love u like a love song

i love selena gomez

I now right

I love selenas music! Its very inspiring

yay team selnator

sweet selena

i love u i love u i love u i love u i just cant stop saying i love u omg

selena is awasome

I love u Selena your really pretty and u have an amazing voice

When was her birth?

When she was little did she go to justice?


luv u selena oot oot chum!!

luv you selena oot oot chum

luv u selena soooooo much

I absolutley love her!!!!!!!!!

luv u selena....

hi....i m new here...:)

she's super

You are AWSOME

selena ROCKS!!

I Love Selena Gomez! She is my role model! She does a great job of acting as Alex in Wizards Of Waverly Place!

well, Nadymos u can friend me and i will love to except it! Friend willowtalys!