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It looks like our wish has been granted. A Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez duet is in our near future, and we cannot wait to hear it. The song is rumored to be titled "Unfamiliar", and will be making its debut on Justin's next album. We know...


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Selena Gomez is so pretty!!! I <3 you!!!

selena gomez is so sexy

I love Selena Gomez. She is an amazing singer and actor, and she is really pretty. She is a really good role model and from the interviews i have seen on tv, she is a really nice person. She has a nice personality and i wish to meet her some day and write and perform a song with her and the band. <3

I love Selena Gomez. She is soo amazing. She is a great singer, actor and role model. She is so pretty and from interviews i have seen on tv, she is a really nice person and has a great personality. <3

redredness huge fan wish 2 meet her

Awesomemastic actress

total selenator!!

i know right


oh bo


I love Selena Gomez!

i love selena gomez! :D i wish to see you someday. :)

luv ya selena:)


I just love Selena!!! She Just rocks!!! OMG ad she's so gorgeous....I'm a big Selenator

Selena just rocks!!! I'm a gr8 Selenator

selena gomez is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllll

selena gomez is an amazing actress!<3

selena gomez rocks!!!!!!!!!

I love sel !!! I 've been a fan of hers since wizards of waverly place!! alez russo and mason greyback fovever!! i follow selena on twitter!!


id wished to see you

I LOVE Selena and someday I wish to see you.

I LOVE Selena and someday I wish to see you.

i loveeee selena gomez!!

Selena's my role model, I love her so much and respect every choice she makes, and I make lots of people where I live Selenators, so I just wanna say that I love you Selena, I love Jelena, and my lifetime wish's to meet you and Justin one day <3

Selena Gomez is my idol. I love the way she cares about others and values the importance of being nice to others and true to yourself. u r my everything!

your my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you selena
watch Selena raps and vote if you like Selena or Nicki