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What we envy most about the casts of our favorite Disney Channel shows is that, when not shooting, they’re pretty much free to do whatever they want.And when you have the creative mindset of, say, Liv & Maddie’s Joey Bragg, things can get a...


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Hi Ross I like you a lot

Gah, Ross Lynch is hot!


ya he is oh want to be my friend


So Ross Lynch said Emma Rossum is one of the celebrities he'd want to get a number out of because she was pretty. I now know who in my entire life who I'll struggle to look like.... Emma Rossum.

So he's the best person ever.

Sorry Roos I jest like you a lot and I mean it!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?me too i saw that too i was like:i need a moment to come back to earth haha

Hi Ross want to date

What do you think? I think r5 is the best band in the world I love Ross lynch:)

What do you think?i really think there cute tohether do u omg i fangirl every day

The reason I write the songs I sing.

What? Me post all the most recent pics? Why would you say that? (It's true I posted all the photos over there currently >>>>>

AND the occasional Ryland.

Don't say that Ross Lynch is the best in R5, in a previous interview, he said he didn't want to be the Harry Styles in R5. Technically, ALL of R5 are the lead singers. All five of them sing. Rocky, Riker, Ratliff and Rydel deserve respect too.


Im Ross Lynch bigesst fan! he is my dream!

love it

Ross is the most hot guy in R5
I love Ross Lynch!!!!!!

He is way better than everyone else in R5

And i know that ross is the lead singer of R5?

I love him so much!!! I went to the concert in Hamilton to see R5 and him perform!!

A lot of others are fans too so dont say things like that to hurt people's feelings

WhO i think I'm the biggest fan !!! Ross lynch is my celebrity Crush!! :D

Omg i love you ross lynch !!!! And i also love R5 you are the reason i like singing please come back to Canada !!!! To visit

OMG Ross lynch. i love u&R5 soo much, your my inspiration, your the reason i sing!! ily...please come back to london<3

Love u ross lynch and R5

I think that I am the biggest fan actually.... :D= It's a smiley/sad face kind of.

I am his biggest fan!!!!! :D I love him so much!