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It looks like September is no longer our favorite month. We were so excited for the 30th, as R5 was set to release a brand new full length album, but that sadly has changed.After "Heart Made Up On You" changed our life this summer, we were so...


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Im Ross Lynch bigesst fan! he is my dream!

love it

Ross is the most hot guy in R5
I love Ross Lynch!!!!!!

He is way better than everyone else in R5

And i know that ross is the lead singer of R5?

I love him so much!!! I went to the concert in Hamilton to see R5 and him perform!!

A lot of others are fans too so dont say things like that to hurt people's feelings

WhO i think I'm the biggest fan !!! Ross lynch is my celebrity Crush!! :D

Omg i love you ross lynch !!!! And i also love R5 you are the reason i like singing please come back to Canada !!!! To visit

OMG Ross lynch. i love u&R5 soo much, your my inspiration, your the reason i sing!! ily...please come back to london<3

Love u ross lynch and R5

I think that I am the biggest fan actually.... :D= It's a smiley/sad face kind of.

I am his biggest fan!!!!! :D I love him so much!

I love Ross Lynch

Ross lynch I know I'm just a fan but I'm the number 1 fan and I want to meet u and be on Austin and ally with u guys are the best and I'm a really good actor and if and when u see this please reply

I really want to meet ross lynch and R5 and also laura marano love you guys

Whats up ross I think that ur songs are awesome

He's the best, 'cause he feels the music inside of his heart. <3

My fav actor and singer

Oh my gosh, I just searched if Ross and Laura were going out, Ross said that he and Laura were like a married couple!!!! :DDDDD <3333333333333333 That's So CuTe!

love him

Did you hear the R5's music video ROCKTHATROCK?It's awesome I hear all day.If you didn't do it now(or later)

i love you ross lynch i number 1 fan <3

Allyboo24 are you ally off of Austin and ally



roselia i agree with u

i love him

Am I the only one that noticed how Ross' lips are? They go like red to brown, it's cute. On the One Last Dance video posted by DCBYEfan1324 posted, his lips are like a bronze color, it's adorable!!!!

MEH TOO, But i'm the biggest fan 8-O I posted most thier photos, quizzes and videos. I love their cover of Counting Stars, cover of Best Day of My Life and their original song, One Last Dance...