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We love getting the chance to go ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE with our favorite stars, thanks to Instagram!Stars, no matter where they are located, love to share their special moments with all of us, their fans, through this social media. And we are...


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What do you think?fuck

oliva , is let me spell it out a w e s o m e

For I didn't do it

i she's my second favorite actress my first favorite is laura marano

hey do you know ray??

olivia i luv u so much! you are my idol! i wish you would be my friend on fanlala since i do not have twitter instagram or facebook

I love u Olivia

Yeah can I get that, please

Well, there wasn't supposed to be a fourth season, and she had started with I Didn't Do It.

I'm fearless fearless nothings going to stop me know theme song from girl v.s monster

What do you think?yeah sure

She is sweet

she has a nice smile

i love your video <3

u are great Olivia and fantastic .
and I have her Skype name does anyone wants?

I love you!! You are so pretty and talented!!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did she leave kickin it?

you rock

She's just SOOO pretty and she knows karate she's proved that she's not just another pretty face

I love Olivia Holt and she is so beautiful and pretty and cute today? You have a beautiful smile on your face. So what are you doing right now Olivia Holt?

I love her so much she is the best person on kickin it

I love olivia u rock

U Look Nice Today, Ms. Holt

Best acter ever

she is awsome i luv her she can kick but u can tell tho shes got a thing for leo/jack

i luv her

I luv her!

I like her in the Kickin it show! She kicks butt!

luv ya Olivia<3