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If you couldn’t get enough of our Instagram Roundup Fourth of July special, then fear not. Our Twitter feed was blowing up today as well, and we’ve got a whole list of celebs who are wishing fans a Happy Fourth of July!Bella ThorneFifth Harmony...


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i love you princeton i want to marry you

I luv ROC royal he is so cute with his hair cut

Awe I miss prodigy but I love them still but I miss prod y he can't come back in the group#team mindless

Mb is my gaam I love roc hes so cute

I luv mindless behavior. U guys inspired me to dance. My favorite is Princeton. He such a sweetheart to all of his fans like me. I know all of ur songs. I luv u guys a lot. =D

I luv MB

I'm so mad prodigy not n the group no more buts itsvcool

yall do know this is a fan page

yall do know this is a fan page rite

Ummm I don't have a favorite their all my favorite nmw I'm #TM through ups and Downs old and new Once Mindless Always Mindless

Hey y'all wassup I am a big fan of yours

What do you think?i love soooooooooooooo much too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i llove all of them but i love princeton the most

roc royal my bay

i love mb so much they are the best TMB!!!!


i just want to thank u cuz i use to get bullied alot in school and ur sand ongz help me get over that so........ thank u i love u and i will always stay mindless #team mindless

So true i also when they were before

I luv u guys sooooooo much!

What do you think?

Luv u guy so much


Mindless behavior if you see this you need to known that I love you. But you you need to get back to way you used to be you .you know your song y'all been together through everything you have been love by everyone I just hope you see this.

hey i really love you guys and all i have to say is keep up the good work!!!!!

Love them soooooooooooooooooooo much!

We all sad to here prodigy leave it won't be the same because they were meant to be together as a group but a new face fresh start for them all which is good and sad hope they do well

Mindlessbehavior is my life and i will do anything to meet them.!!!!:) on my sweet16.

I love u Princeton!!!:)

Aw!princeyboo:(.hope my baby get better!:)

I luv theme to