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Can you believe it is already Thursday? We cannot either, and we cannot believe we were already looking at some of the greatest throwback photos ever today!There was something special about today's #TBT, and we do not know if a memo was sent...


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haha got you reported

Back off

What do u mean

Prodigy is bae bae

Ray Ray is bae.

They are cute but y fire over them n u know we are never going to go with them but u could always dream

Princeton is bae

They. Not. Mb. Is. Better. You. Little. Brat

I. Love. Rayray. So. Much

princeton is my bae

Sorry guys i am aaliyah4real bt somehow i got locked out so whatever is on there is mine!

Yas gurl

Love yall specially chresanto

They is some fine as ninjas smiley face

I love #MB... Y'all r so great, cute... And really cool..

I think #MB is doing well without #prodidy... He is good but itz also his choice 2 stay or go out of #MB.... Ai still luv them d way they are.... #MB What do you think?y'all!! They r d best #winks


team princton

R5 is so much better then Mindless Behavior it hurts.

I tried listening to this the other day, I'm sorry... but no...... R5 is infinity times what this band will or has EVER BEEN! Sorry...

Yes I wish prodigy come rack in the group I love you prodigy 143 and TeX me back plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

What do you think?

What do you think?

Hi MB :-)

i love you princeton i want to marry you

I luv ROC royal he is so cute with his hair cut

Awe I miss prodigy but I love them still but I miss prod y he can't come back in the group#team mindless

Mb is my gaam I love roc hes so cute

I luv mindless behavior. U guys inspired me to dance. My favorite is Princeton. He such a sweetheart to all of his fans like me. I know all of ur songs. I luv u guys a lot. =D

I luv MB