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April just feels like a month of change, doesn’t it? The weather starts getting warmer, school is almost out - things just start feeling different.Well speaking of change, things have certainly changed since April of last year. But that doesn’t...


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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love pretty little liars.Love you.So pretty girl keep rockin!

love u ur so gorgeos

i watch pretty little lairs every tuesday

love her!

I love you Lucy Hale! Can you belive it was Monna? Wow. I thought she would die!

i used to watch her on wizardslol

Ur so pretty! I remember u as Justin's girlfriend on Wizards of Waverly Place!

love her

omggg i amm ur bigggest fannn i luv yaaaa i watch ur shows every week iv never luved a show so much b 4

i luv pretty little liars,i watch it every tuesday!!!

i luv pretty little liars! go lucy hale!

u rock lucy. i think ur awesome. keep up the good work!!! :)

ur my favorite from pretty little liars