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It’s finally here! Okay, so if you’re on the east coast, you might be watching Bad Hair Day already, but that won’t stop you from checking out this promo from Disney Channel, right?Laura Marano and Leigh-Allyn Baker want you to tune in tonight...


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laura marano is cute very sweet and always kind and she is very energetic and she is a role model that everyone could look up to love you laura

Really great.

What do you think?

You rock Laura

She is awesome wish I was like her

She amazing and I love so much

omg i loooooooove laura marano she's my role model she means everything to me when i think raia might happen[which i dont want it to happen cuz im a raura shpper]i just want laura to be happy cause if she gets a boyfriend and makes her cry or uses her or cheates on her HE'S IS GONNA DEAL WITH ME and im only 12 and 4'9 but still i will kill anyone who makes laura marano cry im very proud of her she does not deserve ANY hate i hate it when people say ''ooh ross is so hot and laura is not'' SHE'S NOT UGLY she's like the first actess that i seen without make up and is still beautiful and i will ALWAYS support her on everything she's my role model and always will be and ross will not make her cry thats why i ship raura so much she's adorkable she's very dorky just like me and she has great friends by her side she and my best friend maya and my mom are the people i look up to laura should not change just because she gets hate, her fans and family support her and i hope she knows that, honestly i dont know why she gets hate she did not do anything to anybody she would NEVER even hurt a fly she the most amazing, talented and courages girl ever {and if laura mrano reads this which i think is never gonna happen} i hope you know every thing i said is true beacause your just an amazing girl and you deserve the best.KEEP UP WHAT YOUR DOING AND ALWAYS FALLOW YOUR DREAMS luv u girl

i want to be on austin and ally too my BFF Maya has a step aunt that works at the set of austin and ally

SHE'S MINE TOO ;)can you reply too me her and ross make a cute couple even thou there not a couple TEAM RAURA

Ally is very funny! plus, she is pretty

I think ally is amazing and pretty and u dont know how much its my dream to be on Austin and ally please reply

I think you are funny?

made a good question, but I think the question should have been the perfect type of guy for her

I agree, she a beautiful singer!!!! :DDD

I think that Laura is a great actress and should star in other movies and shows!

I love laura marano and i'm a fan i know a lot of things about you,because i watch a lot about your interviews and i love austin and ally cuz you're so beautiful. ;) :) B)

I love you Laura you're my Idol ♥ I am so proud of you :') why YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL? HAHAHA TE AMO

Laura is my role model and I look up to her

love you always laura.You rock!

Totes sweet! Luv ya girl! XD

she is really good

hi laura i am a huge fan love your show (A&A)

...Laura is amazing.she is beautiful..don't really know what to say but all i can say is "LAURA you are AWESOME,keep it you


Laura i love you. you are my idols <3

Laura is role model !

I love ur show Austin&Ally!!

Laura your awesome i wish i got to meet u at the kidz expo in Chattanooga but i got there really late lol =)

Laura you have a great voice! <33

Laura im TOTALLY a raura and auslly ...suporter.=)