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April just feels like a month of change, doesn’t it? The weather starts getting warmer, school is almost out - things just start feeling different.Well speaking of change, things have certainly changed since April of last year. But that doesn’t...


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I love you Laura you're my Idol ♥ I am so proud of you :') why YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL? HAHAHA TE AMO

Laura is my role model and I look up to her

love you always laura.You rock!

Totes sweet! Luv ya girl! XD

she is really good

hi laura i am a huge fan love your show (A&A)

...Laura is amazing.she is beautiful..don't really know what to say but all i can say is "LAURA you are AWESOME,keep it you


Laura i love you. you are my idols <3

Laura is role model !

I love ur show Austin&Ally!!

Laura your awesome i wish i got to meet u at the kidz expo in Chattanooga but i got there really late lol =)

Laura you have a great voice! <33

Laura im TOTALLY a raura and auslly ...suporter.=)

Laura Flawless Marano ;)

Laura, You ROCK!! i think you are so pretty, and you're a very awesome role-model
for young girls...

I love you Laura! You're so kind and caring for your fans and I am totally an Austin & Ally fan. Really wish you hope in the future and my one wish is to meet you in the future if I make it in my career xx

Keep Lauren P in your mind x

Laura marano is flawless <3

<3 I love you, you're talented and cute ( even more with Ross Lynch ) ^o^

Laura You're My Role Model.

Super sweet! On your show you and Austin should totally go out!

Ya laura i would die to meet you one are my role model and you are the sweetest person you christmas wish would be to meet you one day...just wishing

Laura you are tote fab