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The 16th Annual Young Hollywood Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, California. All of our favorite stars showed up in hopes to go home with an award that was voted upon by the fans!Everyone from our favorite movie stars to our...


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That's how my room look's!

Justin Bieber the hottest guy ever made.

I so agree. finally have someone who uses their brain.

How can you even like him.You might have the beaver feaver go to the doctor.

hey my baby justin bieber i want to be friends can we

i am the best

He's The entire definition of "PERFECT" <3

how u know

how u know

change your name

what do u say on twitter



k then

it better be

my lil bro is 9 yr old and he like his songs too

What do you think?


Belieber 4evah....who else

What do you think?

just love bieber

I LOVE U, JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have two posters of him and he s cute

I love you are awesome

I love his music I have two posters of him he s cute

I like justin bieber


I truely love justin bieber's song it touches my heart so much

Justin bieber rocks!!!!!!!

HEY THERE, Justin! How The Heck R U!?!?!?