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"TGITT" - Thank goodness it's #ThrowbackThursday! We are so thankful for Instagram and Twitter, and the fact that all of our favorite stars share some amazing blast from the past. While some love to share photos of their friends and family,...


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love her songs

i love her singing so much i want to sing like her

Hey, Ms. Sparks

i luv her voice

beautiful voice and so pretty

she has such a great voice!

she is awesome singer.

i like the song 12 3 4 to the 5

i lov her songs

i like her songs

i love the song you did with big time rush

She's an awesome singer!

umm how would you know ih her hair was healthy :I

i luv her beautiful black hair.its very shiny and healthy

Oh Man Jordan Sparks is soooo awesome!!!!! My fav song of her's is Battlefield!!!( I luv it soooo much!!!) Keep up the good work Jordan!! Luv ya!!!<3!!!