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With one amazing performance following another, you would think that no one lives a life easier than Jordin Sparks, but you might not realize that she has more on her plate than you might guess.Down below, listen to Jordin Sparks as she...


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love her songs

i love her singing so much i want to sing like her

Hey, Ms. Sparks

i luv her voice

beautiful voice and so pretty

she has such a great voice!

she is awesome singer.

i like the song 12 3 4 to the 5

i lov her songs

i like her songs

i love the song you did with big time rush

She's an awesome singer!

umm how would you know ih her hair was healthy :I

i luv her beautiful black hair.its very shiny and healthy

Oh Man Jordan Sparks is soooo awesome!!!!! My fav song of her's is Battlefield!!!( I luv it soooo much!!!) Keep up the good work Jordan!! Luv ya!!!<3!!!