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Jennette McCurdy has been super busy lately. We have a feeling that she’s working on some sort of project, because she’s been putting out new music like crazy lately!Did you miss out on the new song from Jennette? Never fear! Because we have...


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she is awsome!!!!

hey jennette is so funny .... :)))))))

She looks yung in her pic...

jennette is the best she is so so so talented

she is so grown up!!

McCurdy is The Best!

Jennette is The Best!

hi jennette

okay dear jennette, i like you on icarly even hough not a big fan of the show but i love the fact that you have that country style in real life because i am country to!!!!!!!!!!!!

jennette is funny

who doesnt by the way add me

jennette is the best i like the show BEST PLAYER

jennette is the best

I really like icarly but you are the best Jennette I'm Brazilian but I see every episode you're a great actress! Congratulations, I'm your biggest fan!

Jennette is the best

you think

i love mirnanda and jenette

thanxx jokes

watz up

i know

hay KayTay


i´m in love with jennette <3

Jennette is the best!

Hello Jennette <3 How are u?



i believe, Maria99

anyone here who believes that Jennette's the better?