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Isn’t always a shock when you wake up in the morning, only to find out one of your favorite celebs has chopped inches from their hair, or gone a totally different color?Okay, so some of our faves like Demi Lovato and Katy Perry seem to do this...


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I've loved Demi since As The Bell Rings and I will always love her!!

my role model! :)

i lovee demiii lovatooooo #staystrong what do you guys think of demiii ?

Demi is amazing!!! I love her so much!!! <333

i love demi she is so beautiful

i love demi

she is my role model of being a good singer your awesome demi keep rocking

i love u demi <3

She's so Awesome And Brave She's Inspired Me To Be Who I Am Today !

demi. i luv uuuuuuuu soooo much. keep up the good work in your voice, its gorgeouse. : }

i miss sunny with a chance even if so random is fuuny its not the same without u hope u amke it back to desiney channel soon love yay

i love you!!!! <3 <3 <3

i thank Demi is pretty and she has a pretty voice 2she can go a long way with that voice of hers

i love your show it's so cool

demi you sing great

demi you sing great

When are u going too make some more songs

Plz Talk To Me Demi Am A Big Fan!!!!

the reason why demi lavato is not doing sonny with a chance is because shes got other stuff shes doing like moving out the country

why aren't u on so random? we miss u

where are u demi why are u not doing sonny with a chance if anyone awnsers this i will buy u somthing

you are the best

you rock

dimi you are the best

Demi is such an amazing person i luv her !

i love demi lovato!!!!!!!!m a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Demi is amazing.She has an AMAZIIING voice and she's so pretty and talented.I'm one of her biggest fans!! Lovatic 4 EVER!!

I'm recently NEW to this whole thing lol hope to see ya's soon n Yes I am an LOVATIC :) Nuff love

i luv demi's songs!!

demi lovato is my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!