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We love following the lives of celebrities on Instagram! Here are the top five photos that we liked this week. 1. Cody Simpson and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid looked great on set of the Surfboard music video after filming. They're definitely a...


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she is aswome

I luv Demi Lovato.I want to be here.

she is Awesome!!!

she is awesome

i do i do

Comment if u think demi lavoto is awsome.

I luv demi lavoto. I just wish she was still on disney channel.

Go Demi

I lovethis sweetheart
Shes ammaaazzziinnnngggg:-):-):-):-):-):-D<3
Ilove her<3

i love her voice!

im such a lovatic

i love her on Xfactor

I've loved Demi since As The Bell Rings and I will always love her!!

my role model! :)

i lovee demiii lovatooooo #staystrong what do you guys think of demiii ?

Demi is amazing!!! I love her so much!!! <333

i love demi she is so beautiful

i love demi

she is my role model of being a good singer your awesome demi keep rocking

i love u demi <3

She's so Awesome And Brave She's Inspired Me To Be Who I Am Today !

demi. i luv uuuuuuuu soooo much. keep up the good work in your voice, its gorgeouse. : }

i miss sunny with a chance even if so random is fuuny its not the same without u hope u amke it back to desiney channel soon love yay

i love you!!!! <3 <3 <3

i thank Demi is pretty and she has a pretty voice 2she can go a long way with that voice of hers

i love your show it's so cool

demi you sing great

demi you sing great

When are u going too make some more songs

Plz Talk To Me Demi Am A Big Fan!!!!