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Get ready ‘Jessie’ fans, because an all new episode featuring one of the biggest guest stars of all time is heading to Disney Channel next month!Michelle Obama is ready to make an appearance on an all new ‘Jessie.’ Jessie (Debby Ryan) and Zuri...


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she awesome i wish i was on jessie

Debby Ryan is beautiful

i love debby ryan.

Debby Ryan is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie is sweet as can be, a fair individual and a great show actress.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love her on jessie she's soops awesome

me too

Debby Ryan is so sexy

i love u Debby Ryan


I love her as Jessie!

your the best

What do you think?

wow look at this chick

I love u Debby when u played as bailey on suit life on deck Cody (cole sprouse) loved you

What do you think?

You did great on Austin and Jessie and Ally!!! Emma was so funny lol she choked austin by mistake bc she love him

hi'ya deb

debby ryan is da best

wat tv shows has she starred in?

I Love You :))))))))))))))

luv u debby<3

i was so happy today when i got to meet debby ryan

i love luke ok jessie your cool and luke i love him

she is hot

i also learned a new diamond typing talent xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

HEY GIRL :) whats up Jessie?

Hi. First of all i decided comment in here because my english is limited, so i read this comment and this one is the best fits with my feeling for you. Deborah, I promise you that you will know, after all I'm only an ocean away, if it's the last thing to do. From portugal, sending you my congratulations for your work. Obrigado por tudo (thank you for everything!!! :,)

She is a very cute lady!