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We’re so into the current season of ‘American Idol’ right now, but let’s not forget about past contestants! They’re still making new music, and soon we’ll have a new album from one of our favorites! David Archuleta was the runner up of ‘...


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i'm the only 7th grader really feel in love with his music

i love him more anything in the world

i really want to be on stage with you please he makes me cry sometimes not a lot okay don't think that its not a big deal because that i love him forever no one is taking him i'm always want to be on stage with him because hes i never get to met him in person i have been non luck to met him

i love him and one thing that nobody nos about me it that i been likeing him for a long time and i wish i could met him in person but i have dance every single day i never have time to get on fanlala then you know no i'm 13 middle school i wish i could quit dance and spend time on fanlala i been singing for a long time and i do a lot things but lot of things and hes really cute

i dance to his songs and i love him hes lot cute then my friend Colin and me friend fight over him hes my man.

I love you you make me cry

Hes my man.

Hey hottie archuleta!LOve you and your music ALWAYS!!!!

He is so good and awesome I love him

he so hot

your so cute and awsome

i luv david he's awsome<3

u rock david

Crush, a little to not over you, and something 'bout love r my all time fav songs

LOVE THE ENTHUSIASUM!!!!!!!! i'm a huge fan David=) Hope you have a unforgettable x-mas!!!

and adam that comment is cute

david rock luv yea

david!!!! haha, ur so cool and awkward :)

I love the song Crush!

"Something 'Bout Love" is a great song! I love it too.

I love his new Song Something Bout Love, it is MY song

Crush (L)

What are your favorite songs on "The Other Side of Down?"

David's new album drops on Oct. 5.!

So who's excited about "The Other Side of Down" coming in less than two weeks? :)