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We hear Bella Thorne’s amazing voice whenever we turn on Fanlala Radio, and we love seeing her perform in her countless movies and TV shows. Well it looks like the Disney Channel star is combining the two into one fabulous project!Bella just...


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awesome girl

Probs. she seems nice(:

Do you think bell is nice in real life

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think she is the crary one out of all of them

That's sometime they rite back not all the time.

you are like a best friend to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm absolutely her #1 FAN! always wanted 2 meet her and I miss her SOOO much on shake it up


OMG u r so pretty n cute

i am the biggest fan of you i hope one to meet you♥

hi luv shake it up

Bella thorne is so beautiful

Bella, Please Write back If U Want To Be My BFF



I Love Bella she is awesome

Bella Thorne is amazing!

i love you bella you rock sat hi to zyndaya for me

I think that she dress good when shes Cece.


We use to see lots of model pictures of Bella at Kohls

i love u , Bella, u r the best!

I love your hair, it's like a dark red color. I love how you dance and sing. You r awesome! And a good role model!

I love Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman!!! best dancer in the WORLD!!!!

i luv u bella throne u are my fav actress.

What do you think?

bella you just my best friend ,you so beautiful you dance is very awsome.

i luv bella thorne.she is awsome.go shake it up chicago.