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In less than two weeks, the CMA Awards will be celebrating the greatest in country music from the past year, and they are going bigger than ever for 2014!This year, Ariana Grande is gearing up for what will no doubt be a stunning duet with...


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Ariana grande is awesome

Of course she is really funny nice job out there

well you be my friend on fanlala

I'm a fan of Ariana Grande. So I'd watched lots of the TV shows and i think thats pretty cool. Even i have the magizine of Ariana Grade. So I'd watched when i was in 5th grade everyday Victories after school and my Grandma got really upset about that so instead thats why i'd watched it down stairs.

I've loved that TV show Victories it was my favorite one.

That TV show is so cool and awesome!

What do you think?yea

Love her (tweet me) $$ &Hangin there._.

Love your song one less problem and who won big brother love your talents you are a star keep it up!

Ariana is the best singer ever. I love you Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande is so cute i love her

Ariana Grande is sooooo good I love her song Problem!!!!! no one says she is not awesome

ariana grande is my faaavvvooorrrrritte singer of aaalll times

Of Curse She Cool Why She be cool(#love Ari)

Love yur music♥♥♥♥

Ariana Grande is a very cool

i luv ariana grande!!!!<3!!!!

I love u sooooo much ariana grande

I am falling in love with Ariana Grande so much I want to see her in person and I have a huge crush on her since that day I saw her beautiful face that's why I am I got feelings about her I am do anything for her like all tours and her fans too if she got sick I am helping with all her fans and I want to marring her or boy friend and girl friend please give me your opinions thanks and I am feel read bad about her loss of her favorite grandpa Grande I feel bad I lose a dog back in 2003 I know she is feeling

i love ariana grande very much but she cant sing


I love Ariana! Is there anything more to say? :)

Ariana Grand is the best singer in the whole wild universe
I love her

i really luve ariana grande,she is cool.i even watch her shows like sam and cat.her name have ana like mine because my name is landi ana

Tell me about it.

I no right

I love your music. U r really pretty

say i if your name is the same and pronounced the same way! i would say i!

lol my name is Ariana spelled the same way and pronounced the same way!

What do you think?

your really awesome. love your video! #problem