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Nathan Sykes gave us a wonderful gift this morning...His first single off of his solo debut album! The Wanted member has been teasing us for months about his solo music coming our way soon, and soon is now.Nathan planned to release his first...


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Hey everyone im new here

she can sing

i love her voice

I am A HUGE ARIANATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so AMAZING!!!!!!

What do you think?I love her voice


i think her and Justin beaver should date

she is so pretty i wish i could be her

She is the most pretty thing in the hole wide world
Pretty even more than a pearl

Ariana is My everything haha pun intended lol lol haha ari grand tho omg heart eyes emogi

She is so pretty

i love she is so original and has a stunning voice love her song love me harder

Ariana is my inspiration for school i have her photo in my locker

i love her and i love her red hair

shes pretty and she inspires lot of children im one too and she has an amazing voice

I love her songs she is so cool!!!!!!! squee!!!!!!

I love Ariana Grande soo much because she is pretty and especially because her voice is amazingb

ariana grande is so pretty and has a good voice

Love u Ari!!!! <3

Ariana is the most talented and amazing celeb ever! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!

she is the cutest girl ever

Amazing singer pretty superror talented deep dimples just awesome

She is the prettiest, cutest, talented, lovable, fabulous,and best person

plzz add me as ur friend????

she is 1 of the best of the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love u

Ariana Grande is very cute

She's the best just look has the most fans on fanlala!!

What do you think?well I think i would say that to because that's making arianna grande full condient

I think she is awesome and I personal love her music I think her music rocks

Ariana grande is awesome