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If there’s one way to make the end of the year memorable, you can totally do that with a music video. But if you want to really wow your fans, then you go BIG with three music videos!That’s exactly what singer/actress/dancer Alyson Stoner did....


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Dear Alyson, I hope you love Rollercoaster rides, I hope that I will Marry You up in Heaven, I hope you know how Beautiful you are, You are my Sunshine on a Cloudy Day! ♥

Alyson Stoner is one of my fav actors and singers. She was great in Camp rock and cheaper by the dozen!!!!!!!!!!!!!gymnasticsgeek104

I love your song dragon☆☆☆☆

Hi Alison

What do you think?

you are super cool

your cool

you are an awesome singer

you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then join the club

hi your so cool

I love her. She has grate speret.

ally i uv u:)

so true

you can rock any dance move


she is such a great actress and dancer.Loved her in Step Up 3D

Are you a boy or a girl????

She is in the movie cheaper by the dozen and is awesome!!! She is like a my role model since that movie!!

Alyson if your reading this I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Omg I just love her she is one of the best dancer I know

dude,alyson i have been a fan of you from zack and cody to camp rock 1&2 and all the othere stuff you've been in you are an AWESOME dancer and much more............ROCK ON!!!

you are the best

Alyson Stoner is a good acterss she is a WONDERFUL dancer and she can sing... WHAT CANT THIS GIRL DO!? She is awsome KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ALYSON! <3

u met The ALISON Stoner You AreLike So Lucky.Im a Fan Of Her.


you are the best dancer ever you should be in shake it up

hard !!! shes a mean dancer !! =D